Tuesday June 16th from 12AM to 4pm, fish your heart out on Fisher, Catherine and Cedar Lakes.

Catch and Release – just take a picture of your bass next to a tape measure. It will have to have our secret item in the picture that cannot be picked up until the weekend before the tournament. The secret item CAN be picked up the day of.

Large or Smallmouth Bass only this time!

The bar opens at noon and onlookers are encouraged to come, party, enter the raffles and partake in some food and drink specials. The big winner will be announced about 4:30 PM.

$10 to enter, no age limit, winner gets all the money!

Update: We have winners!

There was a tie for 1st place by brothers Ryan & Sean Hagen who both caught 18″ largemouth. They split the $390 pot and said they had a great day!

Jeff Roadman came in third with a 17 1/4″er and received the highly coveted tiny trophy.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and fished, watched and hung out. Thanks to Eunica’s Beaver Lodge for the fantastic donation of gift certificates and beaver skull and for participating!