Saturday September 18, 2021

6:42 AM – 4:00 PM with award ceremony & festivities in the bar afterwards

Island View Lodge 720W Fisher Lake Rd Mercer, WI 54547 715-476-2347

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing involves throwing or dropping a magnet into the water and seeing what you get! You can throw the magnet out and pull it back, drop it straight down over the edge of a pier, bridge or boat or drag it behind you while moving.

How will this tournament work?

You must register prior to fishing in the bar at Island View Lodge. Registration fee is $5, with all prize money going to the winners in the form of pull tabs. This way you can potentially make much, much more money! Each pull tab could be worth up to $250. However much money we get in registration fees will determine how many pull tabs the winners get. For example, if we have $90 in entry fees, that is 90 pull tabs in the pot, to be divided among the three categories. The winner of each category would get 30 pull tabs. The more people who enter the tournament, the bigger the pot of pull tabs will be! The categories:

Longest Traysure

Heaviest Traysure

Most Fishing Lures Found

Bonus Category: Coolest Find (pictures of traysure will be posted on Facebook and people will get to vote. Winner will receive 6 tickets into our raffle to win a free week stay in a cabin!

Entrants may fish from shore at Island View Lodge, from private property on Fisher Lake as long as they have the property owner’s permission, from a boat, from the two piers in front of the bar or from any public access on Fisher Lake. Wading, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, and pretty much anything else is allowed as long as you do not trespass on private property.

Island View has two canoes, three paddle boats, four adult kayaks and three kiddie kayaks that are free for entrants to use, but they are first come, first serve on the day of the tournament. We also rent boats by the day if you want an extra edge. You are welcome to use your own boats or other watercrafts. However, we are unsure about what the lake level will be at this time. Fishing from shore may involve standing in mud….we don’t know at this time. Waders or boots recommended!

Entrants may begin magnet fishing at sunrise: 6:42AM on Saturday September 18th, 2021.

Any and all traysures retrieved must be toted back to Island View for documentation by 4pm. You may keep anything you find after it has been registered, weighed and/or measured. There will be a pile for unwanted scrap that Island View will dispose of. This event will double as a lake clean-up!

What do I need to participate?

The bare minimum equipment is a magnet attached to a rope. If you want to get more involved, gloves? Here is a video showing the pros and cons of different types of magnets: