Please bear with us. We are NOT computer people and getting this to work has been an utter nightmare. If you are having issues PLEASE CALL 715-476-2347 and we will be happy to tell you what’s available, pricing, etc. Truly sorry for the inconvenience.

What happens when I book online?

You will pay a non-refundable $200 deposit (plus $8 that goes to the booking software company). Your reservation will be immediately made. All you have to do from there is show up after 2pm on the Saturday you have booked! Your remaining balance can be paid once you arrive by cash, check or credit card. If you choose credit card, 4% will be added to your balance to cover card processing fees.

If you don’t want to book online, you can absolutely still call and pay with cash or check! Our phone number is 715-476-2347. There are no fees when paying by cash or check.


If you are in any way unsure if you are going to be able to come on the dates you have chosen, please do not make a reservation until you know! That is only…..common sense?

Layout of Island View Lodge, as seen from Fisher Lake. Cabin 10 is not on the lake and is not pictured.

I don’t want to pay online. How can I make a reservation?

Call: 715-476-2347 * Email: * Facebook Message

How long do I have to pay once I make a reservation?

If you are paying by check, we will hold your cabin for seven days so that a check may be mailed. If we don’t receive payment within a week, the cabin will become available once again, no matter what! Trying to get people to pay a deposit is like pulling teeth and we never signed up to be dentists. If you can’t or don’t want to pay a deposit, please do not make a reservation. It makes us miss out on customers who would have paid.

My word! I don’t like this new policy! Island View used to be a nice, friendly place to go.

We certainly aren’t looking forward to being “the bad guys,” but after being screwed over one too many times, it has to be done. It boils down to a few bad people ruined it for everyone and to let it keep happening would be idiotic. Our job is literally to make Island View a place where you want to come and have a great time and we will never forget that. At the same time, please keep in mind it’s a business, not your own personal crash pad.

What is this about deposits not being refunded anymore? That sucks!

Yes, it does suck for you. You know what sucks for us? Having people not show up because they have nothing to lose and then having a cabin sit empty for a week in the height of summer!! Unfortunately that happened several times last summer. We only have four months out of the year to use the cabins. That’s a pretty short window to make enough money to keep this place going all year long. It can be done, though, with proper management, which we are working hard to master. We are learning as we go here and some of our changes have been great and some haven’t. So we change them again! It’s a learning process. We rely heavily on feedback so if you have any better suggestions, please let us know. We have always listened to all suggestions and implemented most if not all of them! From the menu to upgrades around the property, most of the great ideas have come from our customers.

I have already paid my $200 deposit for next summer but after reading all this, I want out! I can’t stand the risk of losing my $200 if I have to cancel.

Ok! You have until December 31st to let us know. We will gladly refund any and all money that you have already paid up until the end of this year. You will in turn lose your cabin reservation. This is a new policy starting today, October 16, 2020. We are not looking to spring this on people who already sent in a deposit. We will not change anything on you unexpectedly, ever. We will also be mailing out a letter to everyone describing this new policy so that people who don’t have Facebook or look at the website are in the loop. We want everyone on the same page, because this applies to 100% of everyone. No exceptions regarding deposits, cancelling, weird secret deals or anything that evidently used to be common here happen anymore. All prices and rules are the same for everyone!

I pay more than $200 as a deposit. What if I have to cancel?

We will only keep $200 of it, as a token punishment. We are looking to be somewhat strict, not Satan for crying out loud! Lots of people pay for their whole stay before they get here. That’s great and we want to keep that up. The most you will lose by cancelling is $200. We will refund anything you have paid on top of the $200. If you just plain don’t show up, well, what the hell – you aren’t getting anything back.

What if I show up and then decide your resort sucks so I leave. Will I get a refund?

NO. If this even crosses your mind, DO NOT MAKE A RESERVATION HERE.

P.S. If you have to cancel for the love of God tell us as soon as you know, not the night before!

P.S.S. Thank you so much to Katy from Montana and Noah from Lodge Vault for their help in setting up the website and online booking. This was NOT EASY! That being said, we are also not entirely sure it works. If you have any issues trying to book, please let us know!