Cabin 2 has two bedrooms with a total of two double beds. Many people bring an air mattress or borrow a cot to use in this cabin. Where? We aren’t sure but if you want to figure it out, go right ahead. We don’t charge for extra inhabitants. You can’t get much better of a view than from the porch of this cabin. Every cabin has a charcoal grill. Bring your own charcoal, although lots of people wind up leaving partial bags when they leave so you could probably scrounge some up if you forget.

Every cabin has its own pier. Even if you never use it, there is just something really satisfying about having your own private pier. You could use it if you want to. If YOU want to. You’re in control.┬áBring your boat, rent one of ours or put a lawn chair out there. The choice is yours.

Map to see where to book in relation to your friends/family/enemies

It only took 3 years, but here are some photos:

Cabin 2


June-August a weekly booking is required (Saturday to Saturday). In September we get desperate and switch to a two night minimum stay. Ain’t nobody got time to clean a cabin with one night’s worth of rent! Check the calendar to see when Cabin 2 is available. Make your reservation now!

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Please call us at 715-476-2347 if you have any questions If you hate using the phone, feel free to email us at islandviewlodgemercer@gmail.com or send us a Facebook message