How the heck did we wind up at Island View?

Long story short, Craigslist.

Signing the paper to accept the sale price of Island View Lodge from our home in Fort Collins, Colorado, 2019.
Our very first time behind the bar (any bar!)


You may know him from making your drinks, fixing your toilet and/or helping you get your boat started. He is a jack of all trades and Island View’s saving grace. Born and raised in south Mississippi, he has worked an array of jobs from roofer to construction to highway striper to mechanic. His favorite activities are off-roading in his rock crawler (that he had to sell when we moved here) and off-shore fishing (that he can no longer do because we work all summer).


You may know her from her unnecessarily long Facebook posts or because she fries your fish. Erin was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, a city to this day she believes is among the worst in existence. She attended the UW-Stevens Point and majored in Wildlife Management with the goal of never having to work at a desk. She spent the next 13 years working at a desk, doing GIS. She made maps of just about anything, but mostly, appropriately enough for that time in her life, sewer systems. Her favorite thing is “life on the open road” – having visited 49 states and much of Canada while living out of a van with her two dogs, Tiny and Chow. She recently upgraded to a Class C motorhome and is living her dream in the off-seasons.


Erin & Alex got married on November 24, 2021 while passing through Las Vegas on one of their road trips. They figured if they can survive owning a 95 year old resort together, they can survive anything.

It was a really fancy event.