Cabin 7 has three bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms have a double bed. One bedroom has two twin beds, making a total of 4 separate mattresses in this cabin. It has a large living area with a big table and chairs for playing games or feasting. Within the sacred walls of Number Seven you will also find a…vintage…loveseat and two easy chairs. There isn’t much better of a place to relax than on the spacious screened-in porch, just feet from the lake. If you can find a better view, we’d love to see it. There is a propane heater if you aren’t hardy, but there is no AC. Transport yourself back to the 1970s and drift off to sleep as the gentle winds from the box fan in the window caress your face and, Lord willing, blow away the mosquitoes. You have to walk down stairs or a hill to get to this cabin.

What’s Included

Small but good enough kitchen with full size fridge/freezer, stove, oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker (the old school kind, not a Keurig – bring a can of grounds!), dishes, utensils, dish soap, dish cloth, dish towel, and “Pay it Forward” type donations from the previous renters that the cleaning crew dubs worthy of remaining.

Every cabin has a bathroom. Don’t worry about having to find the outhouse during the night because there isn’t one. The toilets even flush! On a good day. Please notify us of any septic/plumbing problems as soon as they arise so we may commence plunging. A bathmat is supplied but towels are NOT! Please remember to bring your own!

We supply all bedding, garbage bags, paper towel, etc. You will get your very own charcoal grill! Chances are you will find some charcoal if you go scavenging, but if you don’t want to risk it please bring some. If you plan on grilling ribs, please make extra and bring to the kitchen door.


Cabin 7 is $10,000.00 per week. Was that a typo?! Yes, it was. It is only $1,000 per week. Phew! That’s better, eh? Pets stay free! Advanced reservations are only by the week (Saturday to Saturday) but if you want a shorter stay and we have an available cabin, we will be happy to fit you at the last minute. Please call if that’s the case.

Map to see where to book in relation to your friends/family/enemies

**Updates have been made since these pictures were taken, but we missed out half hour window of opportunity to do a photoshoot in a clean, empty cabin before we closed for the season. It is a little bit better than pictured at this time:**


Cabin 7 is $1,000.00 per week (Saturday to Saturday). Pets stay free! Weekly stays are not required in September, but we can’t figure out how to change the website to let people book less than a week online. Please just call or email. In September, this cabin is $200 per night with a two night minimum. Our prices do not include 5.5% sales tax.


Check the calendar to see when Cabin 7 is available. Make your reservation now!

Inquire About This Cabin

Please call us at 715-476-2347 if you have ANY questions! We are happy to discuss your plans and find a cabin that works for you.

Hate the phone? You can email us at or send us a Facebook message