Island View is 96 years old. It was built to be a rustic fishing resort and that is exactly what it is. Our cabins are small. Very small. They were built with the expectation that you would be spending most of your time outside. They are also relatively close together (except 10). We have one studio (Cabin 5), three 1 bedroom cabins (3, 6 & 9), three 2 bedroom cabins (1, 2 & 10), one 3 bedroom cabin (7) and one four bedroom cabin (8). Cabins 5 and 10 have a queen bed, otherwise we are dealing with full size mattresses because the rooms are too small to fit anything larger. All of the cabins have a screened-in porch, a yard area with a picnic table & charcoal grill and their own private pier. We now have electricity on or near every pier for convenient charging stations.

Saturday to Saturday Rentals

This chaps a lot of hides, but it is what works for us (we didn’t do this our first summer and we will NEVER do that again). We require a weekly rental during June, July and August. In September things really slow down and we can deal with a two night minimum. Even if you can’t stay the entire week, look at our prices. It may be more inexpensive for you to pay for a week here rather than a few nights at that AirBnB.

What’s Included

Every cabin has a full bathroom and a kitchen. Cabin 5 (the studio) has a mini-kitchen, otherwise they all have everything you’d expect in a cabin. Fridge, freezer, microwave, coffee pot, dishes, cooking stuff, utensils, washcloth, dish soap…all supplied. If you need something and can’t find it just ask and we will get it to you. Everyone has a charcoal grill. Bedding as well as spare blankets are provided. Please bring your own towels!

Check-in time is 2pm. We only have a four hour window to get all nine cabins cleaned on Saturday mornings so please know showing up early is not ok. We struggle, and early arrivals just add unnecessary stress. The bar opens at noon. Chill out and have a drink until your cabin is ready if need be. If you arrive before noon, well, go fishing.


Every cabin comes with its own pier. Bring your boat or rent one of ours! We have four fishing boats and two pontoons that can very reasonably be rented by the day or week. Check out this page for pricing. We also have free rowboats, kayaks and canoes anyone is welcome to use.

Our Business Plan

We love to travel. We go all over the place in our motorhome when Island View is closed for the season. We constantly pay attention to the parks, campgrounds, hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and anywhere else we visit, looking for ideas that we think our customers would like at Island View. We aren’t made of money and we always have a dog or two in tow – our two most important criteria when looking for somewhere to stay, much like our own customers. We operate Island View like somewhere we would like to stay. We will NEVER charge a pet fee. We will never price-out our loyal customer base. We have been and will continue to keep adding things to make your stay more enjoyable. We also love requests – if you have an idea for something you want to happen while you’re here, just let us know!

Be Prepared to Rough It!

No WIFI (except in and very close to the bar). There is only one TV and that is in the bar. We will gladly turn on your story if our antenna can pick her up. There is no AC anywhere, sadly not even in our own home. The cabins are small. The mosquitoes can be horrendous. If you have a hard time getting around, you may have a very hard time here. Unfortunately nothing is handicap accessible. It is on our never ending To-Do list, but haven’t made it that far yet. There are stairs or hills to get almost everywhere. Cabins 9 and 10 offer the closest parking to the cabins doors, with only a couple of steps. Cell phones usually work ok. There is no sandy beach. Our shoreline is a combo rock retaining wall that has gone to ruin and natural vegetation. Great for fishing but bad for beach volleyball. There is an excellent area to swim out in front of the bar, including a brand new swim platform! If you read all this and thought, what’s the big deal – you are exactly who we are looking for!

Food & Drink Available 6 Days a Week

There is a bar/restaurant located on site that is open six days a week. Better than a concession stand, not as good as a supper club: The Lodge opens at 4pm during the week and at noon on weekends. Please plan to fend for yourselves for weekday lunches and on Mondays!

For your sake and ours, please do NOT stay here if you are going to be a pain in the ass.