Cabin 6 is conveniently located betwixt Cabins 5 and 7. It has one bedroom with a double bed. In the small living room you will find a pullout couch, coffee table and one chair. There is a dining area with a table and chairs perfect for eating cereal at or scribing manifestos. Like all of its neighbors, it has a screened-in porch and a private pier. Cabin 6 is a small, cozy cabin perfect for one or two people. Three is doable. Four would be pushing it. Five would be bad. Six would be a regrettable mistake.

Map to see where to book in relation to your friends/family/enemies


Cabin 6 is $900 per week. Pets stay free! Advanced reservations are only by the week (Saturday to Saturday) but if you want a shorter stay and we have an available cabin, we will be happy to fit you in a week or so ahead of time!


Check the calendar to see when Cabin 6 is available. Make your reservation now!

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