Cabin 6 is conveniently located betwixt Cabins 5 and 7. It has one bedroom with a double bed. In the small living room you will find a pullout couch and coffee table. There is a dining area with a table and chairs perfect for eating cereal at or scribing manifestos. Like all of its neighbors, it has a screened-in porch and a private pier. Cabin 6 is a small, cozy cabin perfect for one or two people. Three is doable. Four would be pushing it. Five would be bad. Six would be a regrettable mistake.

Map to see where to book in relation to your friends/family/enemies


Cabin 6 is $1000.00 per week (Saturday to Saturday). Pets stay free! Weekly stays are not required in September, but we can’t figure out how to change the website to let people book less than a week online. Please just call or email. In September we switch to a two night minimum. Our prices do not include 5.5% sales tax.


Check the calendar to see when Cabin 6 is available. Make your reservation now!

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