We require a $600 deposit at the time of booking. You CANNOT reserve a cabin without paying a deposit. If you pay with a credit card, a 2.9% processing fee plus 30 cents (hey man, blame Stripe) will be added on. That is $600 for the deposit plus the additional fees that do NOT count towards the deposit. That goes right to the credit card processing company. You are more than welcome to pay with cash or check and avoid fees.

If you need to cancel, let us know ASAP and we will do everything we can to re-book the cabin. If we are unable to fill it, you will NOT get ANY of your deposit back. We are still losing quite a bit of money by having an empty cabin.

We have had several people cancel multiple times. NO MORE OF THIS NONSENSE! If you leave us with an empty, un-paid-for cabin, you will not be allowed to book anything here again. We understand people get sick, kids are in sports, cars break down, etc etc etc…we have heard it all by now. None of this is our fault and we will no longer be taking a total loss. We have cleaned the cabin and turned away other potential business by saving it for you. If you can’t come, that is not our fault. Again, we will do everything we can do re-book the cabin if you give us enough notice. We don’t want an empty cabin any more than you do!