‘Twas a partly cloudy afternoon when Adam and Susan Duke pushed off from the dock of Cabin 9 and set out for a day of fishing on our beautiful three lake chain.

Would they hit Fisher? Catherine? Cedar? The answer was yes, yes they would. They would hit them all and they would be rewarded for their efforts. Over the river and through the rocks they went, all the way to Cedar Lake, enjoying the utterly fantastic scenery along the way. We have no way to know that they didn’t see muskrat, beaver, deer, porcupine, and numerous bird species in this pristine stretch of Northwoods splendor.

Suddenly Adam’s line went strongly taut with the heart stopping pull that can only be caused by one of two things: a giant snag or the incredibly coveted muskellunge, the Wisconsin state fish. It was a musky and it was a beauty! What a way to be jolted awake! Adam won the fight with this 42” alluring beast and with what we can only assume was Susan’s skilled net work, they got it in the boat. After artfully unhooking it, they released this giant aquatic predator back into the depths so it could return to its days of eating its enemies and terrorizing swimmers. Well done, Adam! Well done!

But wait, there’s more!

The thrilling catch and release did they come in and belly up to the bar to spend the rest of their vacation bragging about their recent success? Oh, no! They fished their way back to Fisher Lake where Susan reeled in a lunker of a walleye with can you believe it a spinner bait! Once again this sustainable duo released the trophy, which is just fantastic sportsmanship.

But then! But then! Then Adam caught his second musky of the day, this time out of Fisher Lake. Only those who have put in serious time musky fishing can appreciate the almost unheard-of glory of a double musky afternoon. If it is truly the fish of 10,000 casts, then Adam must have rotator cuffs of steel. Another biggun: 38” and again released!

Let’s hear it for these two for their day of success! Lots of people stay at Island View under the pretense of fishing but get lured into nonsense such as Island Time, Bingo, ping pong, OD’ing on ice cream and having to nap, etc. These two kept their eye on the prize, put in the time on the lake and were thus very heavily rewarded for their efforts. We are certainly not here to judge. In fact, its our fault many people get sidetracked in the bar. But, what a great fishing lake this is after all! Adam and Susan Duke everyone.